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Be sure to read the following instructions before you proceed:

1. To ensure that your e-mail has not been fraudulently used and that you can indeed receive our reply, the system will automatically send a "confirmation letter" to you email box. Please open the email and click on the linked destination URL. Upon receiving your email confirmation, the system will prompt your request in a browser and ask the user for content confirmation. After completing the process, your letter will be assigned an official case no., then we will process this case. If you do not receive the "Confirmation Letter", please also look in your "junk mail folder.Please complete the confirmation process within 7 days. Otherwise the confirmation letter will expire and request letter has to be re-submitted. This system will not process an email request without proper email confirmation.

2. In response to Personal Data Protection Law enacted on Oct. 1 2012, except for official business, you email and personal data will not be released to others without your consent. But based on the statutory duty and division’s specialization, upon receiving your e-mail request, we will process it according to statutory duty and division of work. If needed it might be transferred to the competent units for process and reply, so your personal information (such as name , contact telephone number, contact address, email address, etc.) will be transferred along with the email content to the corresponding authorities.

3. If there is a consideration for confidentiality or information security risks, we advise you to submit your request by writing to Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. Taiwan. Address: No. 83, Zhonghua Road,Sec. 1, Zhongzheng District, 10042 Taipei City, Taiwan. Please add "confidential" on the envelope. Your letter will be processed according to statutory duty and division of work.